Why Celeste

Our aim is to eliminate the anxiety and frustration you and your customers feel when it comes to collecting past due accounts. We’ve been there before and have felt the pain. With Celeste, we make it frictionless to collect.

Maximize recovery

Celeste is designed to streamline the debt collection process so you recover more and recover faster. Any type of debt, from consumer credit to commercial loans.

Reduce costs

Free up staff so they can focus on other parts of your business. This reduces your overhead costs and makes it easy for you to scale your business.

Stay compliant

Debt collection has been a hot button for regulators and civil actions. Celeste operates in compliance with all applicable laws, including FDCPA, thus giving you a peace of mind.

Maintain customer relationships

Debt collection often strains the relationship with the customer. Our products ensure that customers are engaged in a respectful manner and treated with dignity.

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