Next Generation Debt
Collection Technology

Our innovative software is created for all organizations regardless of their size or the type of debt they collect.

Optimize Collection With Cutting-Edge Technology

AI and machine learning combined with end-to-end automation and analytics make Celeste the premier debt collection solution.

Take control of
your debt

Modern cloud-based platform to easily manage all of your past due accounts. Single, scalable software created specifically for collecting debt. Any type of debt. Any number of accounts.

Collect with a plan

Debt collection strategy engine that uses machine learning to determine the most efficient and effective way to collect. References numerous data points to stay on top of each account.

Quickly Resolve

Conversational AI combined with sentiment analysis to automate customer communication to resolve debts quickly. Fast and frictionless.

Uses collection strategy engine to formulate the most effective collection strategy

Timely executes the strategy using conversational AI to communicate and dedicated portals for customers and external counsel

Continues to modify the strategy during the collection process based on new data to ensure the most effective strategy is being implemented

Tailored UI for specific type of debt

Not all debts are the same. For this reason, we offer different user interfaces depending on the type of debt you collect.

Sentiment analysis

Ensures that the tone of your communication encourages engagement with your customers.

Rules, alerts, tasks, notes and more

Users can set rules, schedule alerts (SMS or email), track tasks performed for each account, add notes, and more!

AI chatbot assistant

AI-based chatbot that uses advanced natural language model to retrieve and update customer records and perform other tasks.

End-to-end intelligence

Generates and executes the entire strategy from initial communication to recovery, and continues to modify

Quick and seamless set up

Simple set up with SaaS and pre-configured dashboards and modules depending on type of debt and preference

Omnichannel communication

Communicates with customer, service providers and other third parties via multiple channels using conversational AI

Any type of debt

Capable of collecting consumer and business debt including loans, credit, BNPL, MCA, factor, AR and many more

Customer and legal portals

Customer mobile device portal to make payments and external counsel portal to provide case updates

Fully compliant and secure

Complies with all applicable collection and data privacy laws including laws specific to the type of debt collected

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